Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (2023)

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Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (1)

Kobalt air compressors have been on the market since 1998 and have gained plenty of popularity since then. The entire line of compressors are operated by electric models. They can range anywhere from 1.5 Horsepower to 5 Horsepower.

Kobalt compressors are sold mostly by Lowe’s and are unbelievably practical. These compressors are known for their lower noise rating and affordability.

However, over time, common parts will break or wear down, which makes the compressor stop working or run terribly. Fortunately. Parts aren’t overly expensive and we can help you fix your compressor with this handy guide.

In this article, we will be discussing the various issues that can come with your Kobalt air compressor and the parts required to fix them. Three of the most common issues at hand are oil leaking, overheating, and low discharge pressure.

Common Kobalt Air Compressor Replacement Parts

Now that you know what some of the most common issues with Kobalt air compressors are, you can now look into purchasing replacement parts. Some parts will be easy to come by whereas others may be a little more difficult.

Kobalt Air Compressor Replacement Oil Options

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  • All Season Select – Designed to maintain optimal performance of all reciprocating air compressors. Lasts 4 times longer than petroleum-based lubricants

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  • Royal Purple – High film strength and rapidly separates from water

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  • Powermate PX – Performs 50% better at 0 degrees Fahrenheit than standard oil and starts 10 degrees Fahrenheit than synthetic blends

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Kobalt Air Compressor Pumps

NorthStar Air Compressor Pump

Another great option is the NorthStar Air Single-Stage Compressor Pump. The pump is constructed of FC35 grade cast iron for long service life and a V-style cylinder design for optimal cooling.Not only that, but it has low vibration technology that allows for a balanced pump for smooth operation.

Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (2)

As far as power is concerned, you can receive 13.6 CFM @ 90 PSI. The pump requires a 4 HP electric or 5.5 HP gas motor. It has a 100% duty cycle and a ⅝ inch compression outlet. There’s also a glass oil-viewing window for quick sight of oil levels.

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Kobalt Air Compressor Head Gaskets & Cylinder Head

Goplus 3HP 2 Piston Cylinder Head

The Goplus cylinder head is a solid build replacement part for your leaky compressor head. It’s constructed of iron with cast cylinder sleeves. It delivers a maximum CFM of 8.8 with the help of high-efficiency intake filters.

The V-style cylinder design allows for maximum cooling and reduces moisture to help extend the life of the pump.

One of the most beneficial features of this cylinder head is the oil viewing window. It allows you to carefully monitor the oil capacity within the machine.

Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (3)

You can control the amount of oil when adding it in so the risk of overflowing is minimal. Additionally, this head has high exhaust efficiency, low noise output, and low fuel consumption.

(Video) How To Replace An Air Compressor Pressure Switch.

Since there are multiple models of Kobalt compressors, you can find a comprehensive list of head gaskets here. Locate the model of your compressor and look it up on this website to find the matching gasket.

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Kobalt Air Compressor Air Pumps

Metabo HPT Reserve Air Tank

The Metabo HPT air tank allows you to add more air storage to your air compressor. You hook it directly to the existing compressor or you can leave it separate and connect it up to 200 feet away.

It holds 10-gallons of air and has 5 quick connect couplers. Four of them are unregulated and one is regulated.

There is an industrial ball shut-off valve on input that allows the tank to be filled and disconnected without the tank draining itself. It is certified by the ASME and ensures compliance with all laws and regulations. Additionally, it has a roll cage design to protect gauges and regulators.

Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (4)

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Pro-Force FT5

The Pro-Force FT5 is an affordable air tank that you can add to your Kobalt air compressor. It holds 5-gallons of air and has a maximum PSI of 135. It is fully assembled and ready for you to add on to the compressor.

Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (5)

It is equipped with a durable welded handle and a high-quality brass manifold.

Additionally, it comes with an air line shut-off valve, pressure relief valve, air hose, air chuck, and easy access fill valve. It’s durable, easy to carry, and easy to install on your air compressor.

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ATD Tools 9890 Air Tank

The ATD Tools air tank has a whopping 10-gallon air storage capacity. It’s an excellent addition to your air compressor and is a great source for cleaning and inflating. It’s constructed with a rust-free baked finish on top of heavy-gauge steel.

Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (6)

On the tank is a pressure relief valve, shut-off valve, and pressure gauge. The pressure gauges are easy to read if you choose to leave them on the tank and not directly tie it into your existing compressor. It will also come with a 4-foot air hose with an air chuck.

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Common Kobalt Air Compressor Issues

Kobalt has been known to suffer both minor and major issues that cause the compressor to become faulty. Many users have reported oil leakage as the most common issue after being used for a long period. Additionally, people have complained about a lack of power and motors that aren’t operating as smoothly as they used to.

Let’s take a more indepth look at some of these issues, what can be done to fix them, and what parts you may need.

1. Oil Leaks

When an air compressor leaks oil, the smoothness of the piston inside the compressor will be reduced. Since the oil is leaking, there won’t be enough of it in the machine to make the piston smooth and when this happens, the air compressor won’t run well and will constantly jam up.

Not only that, but if oil comes in contact with the compressor, it could make the compressor explode. Additionally, if the oil is coming out of the compressor and leaking to the surrounding areas around it and there are open flames, this could also become a huge fire hazard.

(Video) How to Replace the Pressure Switch on an Air Compressor

There are three areas where the oil can leak from:

  • Air Filter – The air filter is meant to purify the air before it gets into the compressor. There are several pipes that connect the filter to the compressor. If the pipes of the filter are loose, the oil will leak from it.
  • Chamber – If there is more oil inside of the oil chamber than needed, the extra oil will leak out.
  • Compressor Head – If the oil in the compressor isn’t flowing through the filter or chamber properly, it can leak from the head.
  • Piston Chamber – Since the piston needs to be as lubricated as possible, most of the oil you put into your machine will go there. However, if there is a hole anywhere within the piston chamber, the oil will leak from there.

What To DO After Identifying an Oil Leak In Your Kobalt Air Compressor

If you’ve already diagnosed an oil leak in your compressor, then you’re ready to move onto the next part. Once you’ve identified the leakage point, you have to disassemble the compressor, but not the whole unit.

You only need to disassemble the area in which the leak is. Is it because you’ve added too much oil? Is there a crack in a line? Are the lines not assembled properly? After you have diagnosed the issue, now you can buy the proper parts.


It’s not uncommon for your Kobalt air compressor to overheat. This could be due to a number of reasons such as a clogged air intake, low suction pressure, and more. This is one of the most common causes of air compressor failure, but it can be fixed.

Both external and internal factors can be the cause of overheating as well. If the air becomes hot while the system is cycling, it’s supposed to be cooled off before reaching the endpoint. However, if the air is too hot for the compressor, then you definitely have an issue.

For a healthy air compressor to remain in top shape, the temperature at the discharge line should never reach higher than 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything hotter than this and the system will fail.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your machine is overheating, you can check for the following issues:

  • Circuit breaker constantly tripping
  • Compressor fails to turn on
  • Oil odor
  • Accelerated wear

Why Do Kobalt Air Compressors Overheat?

Let’s take a more detailed look at what could cause the compressor to overheat:

1. Low Suction Pressure

Low suction pressure is one of the leading causes of an overheating air compressor. This is a result of a high compression ratio.

Low suction can be caused by a loss of refrigerant, poorly fitted components, obstructed strainers, faulty metering devices, and a pressure drop.

2. Too Much Discharge Pressure

Another issue that can cause overheating is too much discharge pressure. This can be caused by dirty condensing coils, air condenser blockage, poorly fitted discharge line, overcharging refrigerant, and an undersized condenser.

3. Not Enough Space

If your compressor is in a warm area, it can’t quite adjust to the incoming air and maintain a desired level of coolness.

Warm air can cause less efficient air at the end-points and result in faulty operation. Additionally, it may not allow the compressor to properly vent if it’s too close to a wall.

4. Clogged Ports

As the compressor reaches a higher age, it can end up working harder to complete its basic functions.

If there is a clog within the machine, it has to work harder to perform. It’s best to inspect the internal parts of the machine to ensure everything is free of clogs and debris.

5. Wear and Tear

Wear and tear can certainly affect the compressors ability to operate efficiently. If your compressor is being used every day and is old, heating issues could certainly become a problem.

6. Old Oil

(Video) How to fix your air compressor that’s humming and tripping breaker.

Yes, the oil in your machine can age. When it does, the oil will harde and internal parts won’t receive the proper lubrication. The metal surfaces will grind against each other and will become strained. This leads to the machine working harder than it should and can overheat as a result.

7. Bad Thermal Valve

If your thermal valve is failing, you will have a heating issue. You should always have a replacement thermal valve on hand just in case your machine requires it at any point.

Overheating Repair

If you have determined that your compressor is overheating, there are several repairs you can make to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Most of the repairs don’t require any parts, just a little scrubbing on your part.

You can take apart the connectors and some of the internal parts so you can clean them well and try the compressor again. If it still overheats, it’s possible you need a new thermal valve.

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a replacement thermal valve for the Kobalt air compressor.

3. Low Discharge Pressure

If your discharge pressure is much lower than what you require, you won’t be able to use your compressor the way it should be used.

To fix this issue, you are going to need to ensure that there are no air leakages within your system. An air leak is the most common cause of low discharge pressure.

Additionally, if you want to make 100% sure it’s just a leakage, you should restrict the output valve so you can reduce the air demand. This will either tell you it’s a leakage or something else.

This can also tell you if you need more air storage capacity to handle the tools you need. You can do this by installing a second air tank on your system.

Low Discharge Pressure Repair

Low discharge pressure can be fixed with a second air tank installation. You don’t need much to complete the task either. You will need:

  • Portable air receiver tank
  • ½ to ⅜ inch female NPT coupler
  • ⅜ to ¼ inch female NPT coupler
  • ¼ inch brass tree
  • New hose
  • RTV silicone adhesive

To perform this task, you must first release the compressed air from the compressor by opening the drain. After it’s drained, you will remove the safety valve from the compressor with an adjustable wrench. Once it’s removed, apply the RTV silicone adhesive around the brass tree and install it in the spot where you removed the safety valve.

You will then clean around the threaded end of the safety valve and apply the silicone adhesive to it. Install the safety valve into the top, female end of the tree. Once this is done, attah the new compressor hose to the bottom. You do not need to apply the adhesive. Do not over-tighten.

Once you have converted the old compressor, it’s time to install the additional tank. You will need to remove the entire assembly from the top of the new tank. Attach the couplers to the area where you removed the assembly. Apply the adhesive to the male threads of your coupler. You will need to install the coupler and tighten it to around 80 ft/lbs of torque. Apply the adhesive to the reducer and screw it into the newly installed coupler.

Lastly, attach the other end of your new hose to the reducer you added to the receiver tank and you’re ready to go.

Let’s take a look at some popular air compressor tanks that you can add to your Kobalt compressor:

Final Thoughts

There are always issues that are going to arise with any product you buy. It’s practically inevitable. There are endless amounts of websites, videos, and products on the internet that can help you fix your various air compressor issues.

It is our hope that this guide has helped you solve your Kobalt air compressor problem. Make sure you look up your Kobalt model number to ensure the parts will fit it properly. You may be interested in Husky Air compressors parts.

Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (7)


(Video) How To Assemble Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Kobalt Air Compressor Parts [Troubleshoot & Replace] (8)


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What is the common problem with air compressor? ›

An air compressor problem could stem from one of many issues, such as an air leak, an oil leak or a broken part. In some cases, you might have insufficient pressurization or air flow. In other cases, the compressor might fail to start up or stop running as prompted.

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  2. Measure the Suction and Discharge Pressures. ...
  3. Check the Discharge Line Temperature. ...
  4. Record Temperatures in the Refrigerated Space. ...
  5. Perform a Compressor Valve Test. ...
  6. Checking for Compressor Electrical Motor Faults. ...
  7. Refrigerant System Problems.

How do you troubleshoot an electric air compressor? ›

  1. No electrical power. Turn on power. Push the reset button.
  2. Low oil level. Check oil level. Replace your oil if necessary.
  3. Pressure switch not making contact. See pressure switch adjustment.
  4. Pressure in the tank is below the cut-in pressure.


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